Starbabies in Action

The Starbabies each have different talents and interests even beyond dance and music.  Some have even been or are in other groups and teams.  Here are pictures to show their diverse interests.

Vanecia (Tree) with her JROTC Buddies
Brena was one of the Top 3 Basketball Players in AL.  She won a Scholarship in both Basetball and Volleyball to College.
Raven has sung and danced with several groups, including BTW Majorettes and Praise Dance Team, she was also a lead soloist for her High School Choir.
Erica Willis was a Winning Basketball and Softball Player!
Capri, Briana and Rasheim were volunteers at the Iowa Heartland Forum, in Des Moines, featuring then Sen. Barrack Obama for President.
Courtney Ford loves sports, especially basketball, and also won in a Golf Tournament in Auburn, AL.

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